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It was a few days after the Court of Appeal for the events of Lavrio and conviction of three people for the murder of Michael and his parents were not at all happy with the decision. They met at their home in Cologne, behind the kapnergostasio, the walls of which are also slogans for «the Michalaki», says as the mother of Venus, which from that tragedy for the family in March 2007 has not missed a day from the cemetery and the tomb of her child. The decision of three Court of Appeal criminal Athens is clearly not satisfied Filopoulou family as saying the father of Michael, Andrew and his mother Venus, who have stated determination to continue their struggle until they find all the killers of their son, because they are not convinced that all made the already sentenced to life imprisonment Christos maimed person: «We will begin the fight again and we are determined to get to the end. We get to the end, the purpose of life is now for us to find those who killed and tried Michalaki ».

The court decision does not satisfy you? Sentenced a man to life imprisonment and is in prison and another two to 10 years simple synergy?

«No, we are not satisfied» replied the father of Michael, and Andreas Filopoulos continues: «How to meet us when we know when they had to pay not paid and may not ever tried. It said the court to throw in all life, but not so, not all stay free and not to punish anyone, because in fact it was ».

What else you can do from here? Andreas Filopoulos: «First our lawyer Mr Wise has lodged an appeal on the decision of the Court of Appeal to order some trial again (pp prosecutor has appealed against Basil Roumpeti who was acquitted by a majority and will be tried again for the murder of Michael Filopoulou in five criminal court of appeal). We will continue with what supplies us with the law and go to where it goes next. If we need the money will go to the European court ».

The site and the blog of Michael In recent days, after 12 December when the decision of three appeal court on criminal events of Lavrio, Andreas Filopoulos speak through the Internet with fans from all over Greece, with Michael and his friends with strangers who «just showed interest» . Andreas Filopoulos has said jokingly as an expert on Internet issues and now receives dozens of messages and talk through the forum has built with fans from all over Greece.

«After the death of a friend of Michael who is an expert made this site and then the blog and forum from which I speak with many people from all over Greece» says Andreas Filopoulos and adds: «I have dozens of messages from Greece, especially after the court ruling and told everyone that the decision was not vindicated Michael

Andreas Filopoulos adds that he will continue talking with people and that will forever keep this site and the blog of his son, which is filled with pictures of Michael and a lot of material. Mr Filopoulos eat several times each day in front of the portable computer that is on the table in the living room of the house and smoke endlessly. As he says, will continue to do so, because it keeps alive the memory of his son ...

I understand that you pikrathei following the decision of the trial that was ... Andreas Filopoulos: «This was not mock trial and trial. It may not pay virtually no prison and put only one man, the maimed person who is essentially finished; I also believe, however, that when the court at second instance, people who have not spoken to speak as we have said and will do it after the decision exorgistikan and they want to justice. If the court had accepted the proposal of the prosecutor I would be more fair decision, we do not we go to all life, but not all stay free. It was the wrong court, but can not be continuity errors. I think the course will be justified and finally I tell you one thing. Sentenced to life imprisonment, the maimed person, but I do not think that is the sole killer, Michael killed the many, not just one, and I believe that this will be in progress and will shine the truth ».

He hopes to make this appeal to? «Yes, but the investigation initiated in accordance with the decision of the court of any clash between the supporters of both teams. They have enormous responsibilities and Panathinaikos fans for everything that happened and I repeat that I do not put on either the Olympic or the fans of Olympiakos. I got the still and I have the murderers of my son, whatever, wherever they are ».

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